Oregon District 2024 Missionary Schedule

Below you will find a listing of the missionaries that we are privileged to host in Oregon this year.  Please click on the missionary’s picture to see more detailed information about their ministry and the current availability in their schedule.
Ken and Isabel Cooper
Missionary South America, Brazil
In Oregon: June 18-23, 2024
Dean and Laureen Byfield
Missionary Europe, France
In Oregon: July 2-7, 2024
Missionary Access Challenged Nation
In Oregon: July 30 – August 4, 2024
Daniel and Christine Patterson
Missionary Europe, Romania
In Oregon: August 20-25, 2024
Bradley and Patricia Gray
Missionary Africa, Zambia
In Oregon: September 24-29, 2024
Stephen and Angelica Merritt
Missionary American Samoa, Western Samoa
In Oregon: November 26 – December 1, 2024