The Goal of I AM GLOBAL

The goal of I AM GLOBAL is to shorten deputation and send missionaries back to their field of labor faster.  Traditionally, every 4 years missionaries are required to spend 12-24 months traveling the around North America raising funds to facilitate revival in their field of calling.
Some have asked whether the I AM GLOBAL funds will ever eliminate deputation.  The answer is no, I AM GLOBAL funds will not eliminate deputation.  We believe there needs to be a certain amount of personal connection between missionaries and their partners in North America (see Partners In Missions).  The vision is for missionaries to minister in North American churches or conferences when requested, while not having to leave the work they have started for long periods of time. 
The current strategy is to use I AM GLOBAL funds to facilitate a 6 month deputation, regardless if the budget is met sooner than that.  In other words, the 6 month deputation would not be shortened.  Their schedule would not be canceled early.

I AM GLOBAL For The Local Church

Bro. Abernathy, the Director of Promotion for Global Missions, has proposed that each church give a $1200 offering to I AM GLOBAL each Year at General Conference.  The easiest way to do this is to set aside $100 a month from your local church Missions income (see Faith Promise).  

Results from the 2017 I AM GLOBAL Offering

As a result of the 2017 Global Missions “I AM GLOBAL” offering:

  • Saved over 9.9 years of deputation time which means vastly increased time on the field in which a missionary is called.
  • Saved a total of $694,361 in travel costs to missionaries on deputation.
  • Saved local churches $428,520 in hosting costs which means more funds can be given that ends up being used directly on the mission field.
  • Decreased the amount of services needed in districts.
  • Increased reports of souls being saved and projects being accomplished because the missionary is able to fulfill their calling sooner.

Thank you for your generous giving to worldwide revival.

 Due to I AM GLOBAL giving, the following missionaries are heading back to the field early:

 Michael and Valita Patterson

 Stephen and Yvonne Nix

 Richard and Jean Lucas

 Robert and Gayle Frizzell

 Luke and Samantha Campbell

 Fonzell and Vanencia Marsh

 Oscar and Erin Rodrigues

 Rusty and Adriane Riddick

 Five missionaries that cannot be named due to location.

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