Faith Promise

FAITH PROMISE works because it is a purely biblical basis of giving – by FAITH. It is not what we give in Stewardship such as tithes and offerings. It is not Sacrificial giving that happens in times of great need or compassion. It is the act of FAITH in believing God for what is not seen and allowing Him to make it into Substance and Evidence. (Hebrews 11:1) FAITH PROMISE is the vehicle by which the local church finds the ability to have a consistent provision of needed funds to reach the world with this great gospel.

The apostle Paul wrote, “Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give” (II Corinthians 9:7). II Corinthians 8:3 mentions giving “beyond their power.”
The heart of Faith Promise giving requires the exercising of faith for fulfillment of the promise. Trusting God’s plan and promise opens doors of blessing into every life. This is more than a financial fund raising tool. It is actually a tremendous spiritual experience that blesses and brings blessing from God’s perfect provision! Put your trust in God by getting involved in FAITH PROMISE today!

A Global Missions Budget For The Local Church

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a predictable amount of money coming in each month for Global Missions?  Would you be more confident taking on new Partner In Missions, knowing you have the monthly income to support the financial commitment?  FAITH PROMISE is a great way to establish a monthly budget that will help you accomplish these things.

A Faith Promise Service

I would encourage every church to have a Faith Promise Service where the vision of FAITH PROMISE is presented, and saints are giving the chance to exercise their faith.
Dan Betzer, in his book Why Some Churches Are Blessed, describes the concept of FAITH PROMISE:
“No, no – not a pledge!  Faith-promise giving is as far removed from a “pledge” as – well, as far as a Pontiac Bonneville is from a Rambler.  A pledge makes you responsible for giving such-and-such an amount; a faith promise makes God responsible.  The supply depends upon Him, not us.
A faith promise boils down to this: I believe God is great and that His divine supply is infinite, so how much can I trust Him to provide in the next twelve months to advance the message of redemption around the world?  I will become a human conduit through whom He can supply funds to pass on through the local church’s mission challenge.”
I am confident you would do a great job facilitating a FAITH PROMISE service, but you are more than welcome to schedule a service with your District Global Missions Director, Dallas Brock, as well.  If you would like Bro. Brock to come to your church and present FAITH PROMISE, click on the button below:

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