Robert and Sheri Moses
Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Russia, Estonia

Robert and Sheri Moses were born and reared in Illinois. He came into the church at the age of 14 under Jack Jenkins’s ministry in Toledo, Illinois. She, a third-generation Pentecostal, grew up in the small town of McClure and came to the Lord at the age of seven. They have been married for 25 years. During that time, they were involved in the ministry of Calvary Tabernacle, Toledo. In 1995, they began a home missions church in Marshall, Illinois. In 2000, God called them to go as AIM workers to Russia where they began working under the direction of William Turner in Moscow in summer 2001. After answering the call of God to Russia, God blessed their home with an adorable baby boy, Robert “Anthony,” on January 12, 2001. In the 2002 General Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, they were appointed as intermediate missionaries to Russia and have since become career missionaries. They have worked primarily in the city of Moscow to establish a strong church in a city of close to thirty million people. They have worked as pastor, Bible school teacher and as Revival By Design area coordinator.


Oregon Deputation Schedule

July 20 Tuesday              Beaverton (Brock)
July 21 Wednesday        Florence (Banks)
July 22 Thursday            OPEN
July 23  Friday                Springfield (Bahena)
July 24 Saturday             OPEN
July 25 Sunday AM         Redmond (Reeves)
July 25 Sunday PM         Klamath Falls (Tabor)

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