Jacob and Mandy Palma
Missionary, South America, Uruguay

Jacob and Mandy Palma are newly appointed Missionaries to Uruguay, South America. After graduating from Christian Life College where they met, they served under the Pastorate of Rev. Sam Emory in Merced, CA (their home church) as Assistant Pastor and Music Director of the Hispanic Ministry. They are a bilingual couple who have extensive experience ministering in English and Spanish. As AIMers in Uruguay, they taught in the Bible School, evangelized and served as Youth leaders at the central Church. When they return, their plan is to evangelize and plant churches in largely populated unreached areas of Uruguay.


Oregon Deputation Schedule

Dec 7 Tuesday               OPEN
Dec 8  Wednesday        Bend (Johnson)
Dec 9  Thursday            OPEN
Dec 10 Friday                OPEN
Dec 11 Saturday            OPEN
Dec 12 Sunday AM         OPEN
Dec 12 Sunday Mid       Beaverton (Brock)
Dec 12 Sunday PM        OPEN

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